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Mar. 9th, 2009 | 05:41 pm
location: Office
mood: excited excited
music: Alice in Dizzypit - Dolly

Just went on a fabric buying spree ( I know, I know, I have soooo much fabric stacking up in the basement, but oh well! One can never have enough fabric!) I bought this adorable canvas to make a lovely purse:

This light cotton to make a scarf/bandanna:

and a lovely cupcake print (that I can't find the image of online) to make a shirt + bow!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! Spring break = sewing time!


Feb. 25th, 2009 | 05:42 pm
location: Office
mood: chipper chipper
music: Giga Purin themesong

Just purchased a brand new pair of pants and purse by Sex Pot Revenge from the Clothing Drop for under $50!!! I am deliriously happy!! I know, I really should start sewing some nice clothes with the recession and all, but, I couldn't resist.... now, if only I could find a place to buy some GIGA PURIN...GIGA PURIN:

2 days later, and I still can't get that song out of my head....thanks Dave >__<

a test, and an entry of sorts...

Feb. 21st, 2009 | 05:54 pm
location: Office
mood: accomplished
music: The Revenant Choir - Versailles





so, the squirrels dug into the trash today and feasted on the left over sushi. it was a glorious sight to behold. bits of ebi here, spicy tuna there... at least the it didn't go to waste! i was ashamed to throw fresh sushi out, but it was from Sam's Club, and was not, how shall i put this...the most palatable sushi i have eaten?

anyway, i have decided to start blogging again. yay! unfortunately, i thought i was sneaky and could still use the name noli me tangere, by make the "l" a capital i instead, but my devious plan was foiled...

now i am noii me tangere...hahaha...
pleased to meet you ^__^